International Haotian Technology won the 2021 Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Top Ten Cabinet Technical Equipment Service Provider Award 2021-04-30

April 27-29, 2021, sponsored by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Pharmaceutical Logistics Branch, China Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Logistics Co., Ltd. , Organized by the Aviation Logistics Branch of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, and supported by China Vaccine Industry Association and Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Business Association, the 2021 10th China Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Summit was successfully held in Suzhou.

With the theme of "riding the wind and breaking the waves", this summit focused on the common needs and problems of industry development, starting from policies, focusing on the pain and difficulties of the pharmaceutical cold chain market, discussing the new future of the pharmaceutical cold chain from multiple dimensions, and issuing the 2021 pharmaceutical cold chain top ten cabinet technology equipment service provider awards  , the participating companies cover many key companies engaged in the pharmaceutical cold chain in many industries across the country. After review, screening, and research by the evaluation expert group,  Top 10 key enterprises in the industry selected at various levels, the best is selected, and the final selection is selected.

International HaotianTechnology Co., Ltd. won the "2021 Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Top Ten Cabinet Technology Equipment Service Providers" award for its high-quality and high-performance precision temperature control cold chain products and advanced cold chain technology solutions.

This award is an encouragement and motivation for Inte.Haotian Technology The pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry shoulders the new historical mission entrusted by the country and the people. In the whole process of the production, circulation and vaccination of the Coronavac Vaccine, temperature control is an important guarantee for vaccine quality and safety. The pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry is the backbone of the battle to win the  Coronavac vaccine transportation.  International Haotian Technology. Co.,ltd will inevitably adhere to "protect public health and escort life safety", continue to innovate, work hard, "ride the wind and waves, set sail" to start a new decade, and provide first-class precision temperature control passive cooling for the biomedical industry Chain products, advanced cold chain technology solutions and high-quality integrated cold chain logistics services!

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